What our clients say…

“We are committed to improving access to our sites for everybody within the resources available to us. What benefits a disabled person will also really help older people and families with young children. We also aim to give really useful advance information so that as many people as possible can plan a visit that suits them and enjoy these wonderful places.”

English Heritage, Access Audit client

“Hopefully our members will appreciate that providing the right sort of facilities for disabled people is something which will help them to promote their business in a positive way.”

Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitality Association, after a briefing to members by About Access

“The work by About Access will help us plan ahead and identify and resolve any issues that might be creating difficulties for people who are working with us.”

Virgin Atlantic, Access Audit client

“An enjoyable and challenging two days of intensive learning. The key subject matter broken down into manageable learning modules with the core covered comprehensively, but with peripheral areas detailed and additional reference given for further reading and study.

“Highly recommended to any who need to understand, interpret or apply the principles of “accessibility” in their daily work routine! Delivered by a highly organised professional, master of his subject.”

Salvation Army, delegate at Access Auditing course