Liverpool Council and Accessible Taxis

February 8, 2010

A High Court Case has been won against Liverpool City Council after it refused to license more accessible taxi. Alma Lunt is a wheelchair user wanted the Peugeot E7 which is adapted by Allied Vehicle to be licensed. The problem being that he present London-style taxis prevented Alma Lunt and other disabled users from being properly secured and positioned within the cab. Liverpool Council turned down the request, so along with Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), Alma and other campaigners went to the High Court. The court found Liverpool’s decision not only discriminated against disabled people but was flawed and unfair.

Susie Uppal, director of the EHRC’s enforcement team, said: ‘For many years, disabled people in cities such as Birmingham, Glasgow and Cardiff have been able to travel in safe, efficient and convenient E7 taxis. It is only right that the people of Liverpool may now have that same opportunity.’