Help for hotels from About Access

Ian Streets, Managing Director of About Access, praised leaders of the hospitality industry throughout Hull and East Yorkshire for their level of awareness of the difficulties facing some of their guests.

Ian said hotels in the area are well-versed in the legal and common sense requirements of disabled guests, but he also emphasised the importance of paying attention to detail.

Paul Vinsen, Chairman of the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitality Association (HEYHA), said: “You can never have too much information when it comes to something like this. Disabled issues should always be on the agenda when you are dealing with the public and we need to recognise that an aging population presents us with a growing market.”

The comments came after Ian presented to management representatives from several local hotels about some key provisions within the Equality Act 2010.

He quizzed his audience at the latest HEYHA meeting at the De Vere Village Urban Resort in Hull about facilities for disabled guests and employees. Ian also outlined the potential costs to hoteliers of failing to meet the needs of disabled guests who then pursue legal claims, and he spoke of the business benefits of getting things right.

Andrea Mercer, Sales Manager at The Village, said: “We strive to do the utmost to exceed the expectations of all of our customers but we are aware that we can always learn more.

“I know from personal experience that until you are in a wheelchair or looking after someone in a wheelchair you do not realise how difficult it can be to get around.”