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An access audit looks at a building or the service provided to determine how accessible it is.  We look at a range of building users who include, but are not limited to, blind and partially sighted people, those who are deaf or hard of hearing, people with poor manual dexterity or cognitive impairments, and wheelchair users.

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Our access consultancy services have developed from the demand for advice that may not fit in to a particular category, or where clients require a broad spectrum of our services.

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You may require an access statement to accompany a planning application or for Building Control, and we can help with this. You may also want one to display on your website, enabling visitors to make an informed decision to determine if they can get in and use your building. Let us help you write that.

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Building layouts

Teams of experts are often assembled to work together when a project is undertaken. This could be a refurbishment project or a new build from the ground up. Design teams could include fire engineers, M&E specialists and access consultants. That’s where we come in. Our priority is to ensure that the design is accessible, and you would be surprised at the impact the work of other specialists can have on this.

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Design Drawings

If you have completed your design and you would like it assessed for accessibility, then this is the service for you. Scenarios include the design of a building, a refit to an office area, review of signage and more.

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Outdoor seating

Many of our projects are one-offs to meet a particular need or to support a specific project. But we also offer a strategic planning service which will help clients look at the big picture and develop a plan for the future. This approach helps you ensure that you embrace the principles of inclusive design throughout the project and have them in place for future developments.

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Consultants are members of the National Register of Access Consultants (NRAC)
Member since 2003