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Disability Confidence Training

Disability training

About Access provides training in different ways, from an informal meeting with members of a trade association or professional body, to specific issues around disability or the built environment. It might be delivered to a range of businesses off-site, generating valuable interaction and enabling them to learn from each other’s experience, or it might be in-house, direct to clients at their own premises.

We offer audit training, disability awareness training, user needs, disability provisions within the Equality Act. It can be prompted by fresh guidance on disability issues, new premises, changed layout of premises, new staff. It is relevant to staff at all levels from senior management to shop-floor and customer-facing staff.

Our disability confidence training courses are bespoke and flexible to your business needs. Businesses go through a lot of changes and amid the excitement and upheaval of moving to new premises or refurbishing your existing accommodation, it’s entirely possible to overlook the accessibility of your plans.

It is important to acknowledge the needs of people who can’t see the splendour for themselves or who may face mobility difficulties as the result of the new lay-out. Our consultancy services can help you with the planning and implementation of such a move, and we also offer training for key people involved in the process.

The duration of these courses is flexible, and what we look at is updating the access policy that you had in place at your old premises, or creating a policy if you didn’t have one.

We’ll guide you through your new surroundings, point out where problems might arise and sharpen the awareness of your staff to make them aware of the needs of colleagues and visitors and of the collective responsibility in meeting them.

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Consultants are members of the National Register of Access Consultants (NRAC)
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